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What is Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

Throughout our younger years, we get to enjoy a lavish reserve of natural nutrients that keeps our complexion supple and firm. Over time, the skin begins to lose elasticity, which results in wrinkles and droopy skin. At Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jean-Denis Boucher is pleased to offer nonsurgical skin tightening treatments to help men and women improve the tone and texture of their skin. Using state-of-the-art radiofrequency (RF) technology, nonsurgical skin tightening helps to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen so it's possible to attain a younger-looking appearance. We encourage you to contact our team to learn more about meeting your cosmetic goals with nonsurgical skin tightening in San Antonio, TX.

Am I A Candidate for Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

An ideal candidate for nonsurgical skin tightening is someone who has begun to notice a loss of skin elasticity and the emergence of wrinkles and sagging but prefers a noninvasive approach to rejuvenation. At Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, we offer advanced radiofrequency treatments to those who wish to revitalize their skin's tone and texture without the downtime associated with surgery. Suitable for various skin types and body areas, individuals seeking to improve their appearance with minimal disruption to their daily lives would benefit from this procedure. Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments, which typically last under an hour, are designed for long-lasting results, promoting collagen production and enhancing skin firmness. Patients committed to maintaining a stable weight and desiring to look as youthful as they feel are prime candidates for this cutting-edge treatment in San Antonio, TX.

What Are the Benefits of Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

Radiofrequency skin tightening is a popular treatment at our San Antonio, TX clinc for several reasons. While there are apparent benefits, such as less recovery time and no surgical scars, there are some added benefits to this nonsurgical option, like:

  • Works on different skin types
  • Tones a variety of places on your body, like the neck and face
  • Speedy procedure time, typically less than an hour
  • Enhancements that remain as long as 12 months
  • Tones skin while also minimizing normal signs of aging, lines, and wrinkles, plus balancing complexion and facial appearance

How Nonsurgical Skin Tightening Works

During your appointment at Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, we'll start by creating a customized treatment plan to fit your goals. If needed, we can give you a numbing ointment to soothe the area during your treatment. Your technician will evenly run the handpiece along your skin several times to help prompt your own natural creation of collagen. Your session will take about 30 – 90 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. After your nonsurgical skin tightening treatment, you should not experience any downtime. The treated regions may be somewhat red or irritated, but this is temporary. Because the production of elastin and collagen is gradual, it can take a few months before your firm, tight results begin to take shape. As long as you maintain a steady weight, you should be able to enjoy your outcomes for many years.

Nonsurgical Skin Tightening FAQ

How many treatments will I need to achieve the look I want?

The correct number of sessions will depend on the initial looseness of your skin, in addition to your aesthetic goals. During your initial exam, Dr. Boucher will ask about your needs and objectives in order to decide how many appointments are needed.

Can I have nonsurgical skin tightening with other treatments?

Yes, absolutely. Nonsurgical skin tightening can be done as a solo treatment or to supplement other treatments. Quite a few of our patients decide to get nonsurgical skin tightening alongside other noninvasive treatments.

Does nonsurgical skin tightening hurt?

At Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, our top priority is to ensure you feel at ease during your procedure. While the majority of individuals find that nonsurgical skin tightening doesn't feel uncomfortable, our team can provide a topical numbing ointment to help you feel relaxed and ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Smoother without Surgery

If you're beginning to experience the symptoms of skin laxity, it may be a great time to consider a nonsurgical treatment to tighten up sagging facial or body areas. Nonsurgical skin tightening at Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic works to contour lax skin to give patients a tighter, more youthful look. As an added benefit, almost no downtime is involved. Contact us in San Antonio, TX to set up an appointment with Dr. Boucher so we can develop your personalized treatment plan.

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