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What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is one of the hottest cosmetic procedures in the industry due to its natural method and exciting results. It utilizes your own plasma to stimulate your body's growth factors, concealing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, Dr. Jean-Denis Boucher is pleased to offer PRP therapy for men and women who want to attain a refreshed, youthful-looking complexion without surgery. PRP therapy can also be performed in conjunction with microneedling for patients who want to further enhance their rejuvenated outcomes. To learn more about the benefits of PRP therapy, contact our team to book your skin consultation at one of our two San Antonio, TX locations.

What are the benefits of PRP Therapy?

Advantages associated with PRP therapy sessions at Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic in San Antonio, TX could include:

  • Stirring the body's typical regeneration mechanism
  • Rejuvenation of elastin and collagen generation in the skin
  • More even, soft, and younger-looking skin
  • Restored plumpness to the skin
  • Individualized treatment strategies

Our Platelet-Rich Plasma Technique

Dr. Boucher performs at both of our offices in San Antonio, TX. First, we will draw a small amount of blood from one of your arms before putting it into a centrifuge machine to separate the different blood components. We will then load the PRP serum into a sterile syringe and inject it into the designated areas. The plasma naturally promotes the production of collagen and elastin to address signs of aging and boost the tone and texture of your complexion. Because PRP therapy utilizes your own blood, there is very little risk of adverse or allergic reactions. You can expect your face to be a little red following your PRP injections, but cold packs can be used on the treatment site to minimize any discomfort. Dr. Boucher will let you know how often he recommends follow-up sessions as part of your personalized treatment plan.

PRP Therapy FAQ

How long do results from PRP therapy last?
PRP therapy carried out at Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic has been known to last for up to eight weeks. The longevity of the results will vary with each person and will depend on the area being treated. The benefit of this treatment is that it doesn't require surgery or a long recovery period and is less expensive.

What are the risks and complications of PRP therapy?
Potential side effects from PRP therapy on its own are very minor and include only temporary swelling and bruising. When combined with microneedling, possible risks may include infection, mild scarring, pigment changes, and delayed healing. That’s why you should have cosmetic treatments done by an experienced practitioner like Dr. Boucher who has studied the process.

Is PRP therapy painful?
PRP injections feel similar to a dermal filler or BOTOX® injection with the extra step of extracting the plasma. Usually, most San Antonio and Live Oak, TX patients feel a little pressure or pinch at the time of injection. If you are nervous about being uncomfortable, ask Dr. Boucher about including local anesthesia before the injection is performed.

Get Glowing Skin

At Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, Dr. Jean-Denis Boucher has helped many men and women achieve their cosmetic goals and attain stunning results through the use of PRP therapy. As an advanced aesthetic treatment, PRP therapy makes it possible to utilize nutrients from your own blood to naturally renew the vitality of your skin. Please reach out to us to book your appointment, and learn more about PRP therapy in San Antonio, TX.

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