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What is Radiofrequency Microneedling?

At Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jean-Denis Boucher uses an exceptional technique that creates fantastic results for our patients with a treatment called radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. RF treatments have existed for a number of years and are well known in the aesthetics industry for skin tightening. This specific type of therapy utilizes heat to stimulate the production of collagen in the deep layers of the skin to create a firmer, smoother surface. When used in conjunction with microneedling, we can stimulate the body's natural healing function to address signs of aging and scars. To learn more about RF microneedling treatments, please contact one of our offices in San Antonio, TX.

What Are the Benefits of RF Microneedling?

A number of causes may lead to lackluster, loose skin along with uneven skin texture. Patients in San Antonio and Live Oak, TX who suffer from similar skin complaints may consider RF microneedling as a fantastic answer to their complaints, gaining advantages from this treatment, including:

  • Total enhancements to the aesthetic of your skin and your self-confidence
  • Promotion of the body's organic collagen and elastin production for continued results
  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Smoothed, glowing skin that has a natural-looking finish

Our RF Microneedling Technique

If you have hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, sun spots, and other skin problems, RF microneedling may be ideal for you. During your microneedling session in San Antonio, TX, a specialized handpiece with tiny, gold-plated needles will be rolled carefully over your skin to create micro-injuries that "interrupt" the tissues and produce collagen. During this process, warm radiofrequency energy is simultaneously delivered into the skin through the microneedles to help tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After your treatment, you may have some pinpoint bleeding, bruising, and redness, but this should subside within a day. You should see your smooth, refreshed outcomes over the next 3 – 4 weeks. Dr. Boucher typically recommends a total of 3 – 4 treatments as part of a customized plan to help you meet your goals.

RF Microneedling FAQ

How much does RF microneedling cost?
Your cost for an RF microneedling treatment will vary based on your needs and the number of RF microneedling sessions recommended to deliver optimal results. At your initial consultation, our team can answer your concerns and estimate the cost of your treatment.

How many RF microneedling treatments should I get?
Each patient is different — so some people may require more sessions than others. Our staff will perform a thorough assessment of your skin and listen to your needs and goals to help determine how many treatments you will need. On average, many people receive 3 – 4 treatments spaced four weeks apart.

What are the benefits of RF microneedling?
RF microneedling is effective and safe for most people, and it may be performed on almost every area of your face and body. RF microneedling delivers amazing improvements and very little downtime for patients who are not ready for a facelift or body lift surgery. RF microneedling can help to update the overall appearance of your skin a few years after a facelift or body lift surgery.

Does RF microneedling hurt?
Since a topical numbing cream is put on the treatment area, you should experience little to no discomfort during the procedure. During your treatment, our team will check in to ensure you are feeling comfortable. After the local anesthesia wears off, you may feel a little discomfort briefly while your skin heals.

Can I combine RF microneedling with other treatments?
While RF microneedling delivers great outcomes alone, you might think about combining it with a second treatment for greater improvements. During your initial consultation, we will ask about your concerns and goals about your skin before recommending RF microneedling plus other treatments.

Renew Your Youth

If you're frustrated by signs of aging on your face, RF microneedling is a highly sought-after treatment that can provide outstanding results. This innovative method works to spur the body's natural repair process by delivering targeted heat energy through tiny microneedles. Let Dr. Boucher and the team at Lone Star State Dermatology Clinic help you get the youthful, natural-looking glow you're seeking. Please contact us in San Antonio, TX to schedule a consultation.

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